Vieste & Peschici

These 2 town are part of the Gargano Promontory, in the north of Apulia Region and close to Abruzzo, my region and so I decide to spent a long week end there.


Gargano is called the spur on the heel of Italy’s boot and 2 of its  threes most visited places are the coastal towns of Peschici and Vieste, besides Monte Sant’Angelo, a village famous for its medieval sanctuary of the Archangel Micheal, a Unesco World Heritage site built in 13 century, very unique  because it has 2 levels down into the rock, like just a cave: a rock hewn staircase takes down to the Sacra Grotta ( Holy Cave), where the Archangel made his appearance.

panoramica-terrazza_origVieste is a small town located on the eastern point of Cape Gargano. Situated on the seafront, it offers picturesque views and landscapes. This town  has a historic medieval centre, a charming maze of ancient houses and narrow alleyways studded with typical souvenir shops and craft shops.
The Pearl of Gargano, as Vieste is known, charms with its silvery pink sand, limpid, crystal clear waters, long beaches, cliffs and 26 sea caves.
After an afternoon on the beach, the smell of the sea also hangs over dinner at the trabucchi, traditional fishing huts, housing charming restaurants over the Adriatic.
The origins of Vieste are very old, dating back to the 10th – 6th centuries BC

The symbol of Vieste is Pizzomunno, a monolith and there is a legend about this, and also a son gis about this tale.

pizzomunnoThe legend tells the story of love between two young people: Pizzomunno and Cristalda. Pizzomunno was a fisherman and sirens wanted to seduce him with their songs, but refused to Pizzomunno for Cristalda. The sirens punished him by dragging Cristalda in the depths of the sea. Pizzomunno was petrified with grief and became a monolith that can be seen on the small beach. Legend tells that the two young lovers meet at the end of the hundred years to revive their passion in one night!

I want to recommend higly to sleep at BB I Cordari, where the owner Rossella will welcome you with the charming and lovely apulian spirit !!

Peschici, instead, look like a greek town, with his white houses and blu roofs!

A visit to Peschici can start in the picturesque old town, characterized by whitewashed houses that slope down towards the sea and with narrow streets reminiscent of Arab cities. It is here that you can see the ‘Gate of the Bridge’ next to the Imperial Tower.

This charming fishing town has a rich history. Just outside the town, near Manacore, you’ll find a prehistoric cave(now an archaeological park), the Abbazia di Santa Maria di Càlena (one of Italy’s most ancient abbeys), and the Madonna di Loreto’s Sanctuary, which, according to legend, was built by a group of fishermen who had survived shipwreck.

From the panoramic viewpoints in the historic centre, you can gaze out to the Aleppo pine treesthat hug the coastline, and the watchtowersthat overlook your exploration of this stretch of coast, one of the region’s most beautiful. On the road to Vieste, you’ll be able to see trabucchi, wooden structures suspended over the sea that were once used by fisherman, but now house delightful small restaurants.



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