Tornareccio, an open museum around the town

Some days ago, due to a project that I filled up for Uni, I stumbled into a small montain town, of which I’ve never heard about.

I was expected a lonely town but I was pleasently surprised! It is not only a place where you can smell nature but also history and art!

The area around the town, adjacent to Mount Pallano has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic, around 20,000 years ago and still today you can admire magnificent boundaries, alternated by two narrow doors

Risultati immagini per monte pallano area archeologicaMonte Pallano, mura megalitiche

After the visit to the boundaries we go to the discovery of the huts of stone to tholos. The highland of the mountain and the adjacent areas were disseminated of it. You says that they were around three hundred. Their function is to connect to the vertical pastorizia, practiced, in considerable way, up to halves the Nine hundred. The abandonment of the pastorizia from the inhabitants of the place has made to stop the use of the tholoses that, in little time, they have gone destroyed. Today few exemplary survive only of it. To rouse needs them to devote to a sort of patient ‘hunting to the treasure.’ The first sample is easy to be individualized because it is found on the panning crest of the mountain, following the direction pointed out by the boundaries.

But Tornareccio offers, not only just a walking into the history… If you come back to the center of the town, you will be  you remain dazzled by the brightness of the mosaics that decorate the walls of the houses.

The artistic story of the town begins in 2004, when the artistic patron Alfredo Paglione, brother in law of the famous italian painter Aligi sassu, decided to give 30 works of important contemporary artists in memory of his father, born in Tornareccio.

And 2 years later he created an artistic contemporary contest where everybody who was visiting the town could vote the works.

Risultati immagini per mosaici tornareccioRisultati immagini per mosaici tornareccioRisultati immagini per mosaici tornareccioRisultati immagini per mosaici tornareccio

and so this town is known as “il paese dove fioriscono i mosaici”, that is the town where mosaics bloom! Yse, bloom… because, after a full immersion in nature, art and history you need to fill up your belly…and here you can find a great quality of honey and tasty mozzarella cheeses!! And watching mosaics, you will find many with bees.

The production of this delicacy in Abruzzo dates back to ancient times. According to some historical sources, the inhabitants of Abruzzo were devoted to the production of honey already in the Middle Ages. At the time an Arab geographer  describing the inhabitants of the Abruzzi called them devoted to hunting and honey collection

The usage of beekeeping hives built expecially to be inspected developed in Abruzzo since the ‘800 and was used equally by all social categories. Honey is one of the few foods that, even in an industrialized era like ours, requires minimal handling by humans before packaging. Abruzzo’s Beekeepers  always use a natural process which allows them to obtain a product of excellence recognized nationally and internationally by numerous awards and certificates.

The technique is called  nomadism: this is an original way of production that involves a continuous movement of beekeepers and swarms in search of the best plantations in various places in Italy. It allows to obtain a great variety and quantity of single-flower honeys: acacia, citrus, orange , chestnut, cherry, eucalyptus, sunflower, sainfoin, millefiori, sulla (Hedysarum coronarium), lime, thyme, mountain wildflower . The village has more than 10,000 hives  in its territory  and covers more than 10 percent of the national production.

Risultati immagini per tornareccio mosaico con apiImmagine correlataImmagine correlata

And if you are not tired enough, not far from Tornareccio there’s Bomba Lake….

Risultati immagini per lago di bomba

But thi is another story…..




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