A small japanese corner in the heart of Appennines

Have you ever thought you could sleep in Italy, in a real ryokan, that is a classic Japanese traditional hotel? And do you know you can jump into Japan from the heart of Marche region?


It is really possible in San Ginesio, a small but very nice borough in teh province of Macerata, where you can find a small corner of Japan.

This is not just an imitation or a monkeying of the Japanese culture and settings but a real recreation of  a meditation, peace and contemplation place, where you can find the balance between body and mind ; a cultural center that draws its essence from Japanese tradition that makes psychophysical well-being a real lifestyle.

The name of the center suggests you a wonderful experience : WaBi SaBi is an aesthetic ideal in which you look for the changeable, fragile and imperfect beauty (that is wabi) that joins the beauty in the passing of time (that is sabi) : a philosophical ideal that allows us to recognize and appreciate the beauty of impermanence and the sense of becoming.


Wabi Sabi center is composed of 3 stone and wood houses to form a sort of small hamlet. All built following the Japanese aesthetic and the rules of bio-construction. It’s a Bio-Ryokan, a Japanese definition given to the old country inns. Among maples, peonies, wisterias, lavenders and a romantic pond inhabited by colorful koi fish there are three rooms where you can experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle in a no-space and no-time place, where everything is peace and zen and where you can sleep  on real traditional tatami (straw mats cleverly intertwined by master craftsmen of Kyoto). In the center you can enjoy contemplation in the Tantric temple of Kalacakra, which follows the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, or learn the ancient Tea Ceremony or cook tasty vegetarian recipes.

But the real highlight of the ryokan is Ofuro, the bathroom with the Hinoki wooden bathtub, specially made by a master craftsman from Tokyo, to indulge in long natural aromatherapy baths that predispose to relaxation, unload the tensions and reharmonize the power ; A real caress on the body and mind: a natural aromatherapy bath that predisposes you to relax, contemplating the surrounding nature.

You can enjoy a multi-sensory experience, but  the center is not only a Japanese center, it is more than it : it is a meeting point of two different far cultures, which have the respect of nature as a common way to live.

Indeed San Ginesio, which hosts this japanese center, is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, awarder by the Touring Club also The Orange Flag, reserved for small excellences of the italian hinterland, it is also called the balcony of the Sibillini, for its enchanting location at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, is a village that maintains its mediaeval charm unaltered.

Visiting this center allows you to enjoy an experience full of curiosities and traditions : it is a journey inside yourself but also a jorney in two countries in only one time.



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