Walking in the countryside

Beetween the sea and the mountains it is situated a small town called Mosciano Sant’Angelo. It is  nestled high on the ridge between the valleys of the rivers Tordino (south) and Salinello (north); then just 10 km from the Sea and it takes only 1 hour drive to the nearest mountain to ski…and it is not an unknown mountain, we call about Gran Sasso chain, the higher mountain of the Appennines.

And it doesn’t stop here, because if you want to get to Rome, you need only 2 hour drive!

No doubt that this town is located in a wonderful place!

Mosciano has a long history, indeed it is a medieval village, already mentioned in a document in 897 which mentioned a “res musiani “about a dispute on the jurisdiction of the local fiefdom.

The Benedictine Monks were attracted by the tranquillity and the beauties of thi site and so they decided to built the Monastery of St. Angel, around which in short time many houses grew up and soon walls were erected to protect the village and the Castle inside, with wide and deep moat and just only one gateway and a drawbridge.

Along the walls, 8 towers stood and still today you can see 6 towers that were the ancient fortification plus the tower of the Church.

For that reason this town is known also as the 7 tower town!

in 2015 this town was the background for an international contemporary art: next to medieval towrs and churches, some painting  murals appeared.

Altough Mosciano is a small town, you can find everytingh you need: there’s a theatre (aged during Mussolini’s emperor), many shops, hotels where you can have a rest after the excursions, restaurants (most of them are famous), where you can taste some specialities and an Observatory with a Planetarium!images (6)

many other things are worth to be told and described, this is just a quick presentation to temp you to come and see this town where you breath good air: sea, mountains, history and taste wonderful food!



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