Everybody needs to travel

Nowadays travel seems to be a necessity, a status symbol: who don’t or can’t travel is out, is seen in a different way.

But this vision is recent: in the last 10 years travelling wasn’t as important as now. Why? What is changed? But first of all people travel because do love to do it or just to show their travel to others? is it just a fashion or a real need?

In psychology there is a figure describing who really feels the urge to travel, or better to wander: it’s Dromomania.

Dromomania, as manuals teach, is an uncontrollabel psychological urge to wander, for which people needs to escape from their mortal routine through travelling long distances and take up different identities and occupations. Commonly it can refer to wanderlust from German but dromomania does imply a psychological compulsion, usually on one’s own and often without one’s conscious knowledge, rather than a more generalised desire to travel. More generally, the term is sometimes used to describe people who have a strong emotional or even a physical need to be constantly traveling and experiencing new places, often als at the expense of their normal family, work and social lives. The maybe first and most famous case was that of Jean Albert Dadas, a Bordeaux gas-fitter. He would suddenly set out on foot and reach cities as far away as Prague, Wien or Moscow with no memory of his travels. And a medical student, Philippe Tissie, wrote about Dadas in his cìdoctoral dissertation in 1887.

On socials you can read many pages dedicated to travel: the need to travel walk together the urge to share it trough pictures, videos and least writtings.

But I always guess everytime I read one of that…is it passion for travelling or need to appear? Sometimes it seems to be just a need to get envy who is watching the post.

Sometis it seems to be a run to whom post the most beautiful place, the greatest number of pictures, the long and further vacation, without fully enjoying that moment, that place, that athmosphere.

I think it is necessary and fundamental to create a contact with the new place you chose to visit: let the things, the nature talk to you but if you are focused to take pictures in order to show and share on social, you can’t capture the real sense, the secret sense of that place.

So less post and more real touch. And…enjoy!





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