Time goes quick. Does even freedom have a price?


In this modern world where everything gets value only in relation to its cost, even personal experience get value only if based on money.

This triggers a vicious circle that leads us to think in economic and financial terms, distorting the factual reality and the more monetize our experiences, the more we think that money is the only thing you need to live there .. and the more we tie the money to life, the more we convince ourselves that we are too poor to afford such values as freedom and happiness that, in reality, have little in common with the money.

Even the long-term trips are excluded by this thought, as the prerogative of a rich elite, who does not travel, but moves tourism. very different from traveling and from exploring.

Before setting out in search of ways and ways to save money with which to face a journey, you need to change the mindset with which you approach the very idea of the trip.

conceiving it as a life experience and opportunities to broaden their mental boundaries, you would soon realize that many things, which, in the first instance would seem essential, they do not actually any value for practical purposes of the trip.

such example: just think of a 5-star hotel that can be replaced without regrets from one to three stars or even less, the important thing is that it is clean and in a central location .. if you think about it a moment every hotel, from the most luxurious to the tavern offers a bed and a bathroom. and this is the indispensable service. what meaning can never assume a chair in the room when the traveler on paper (but also tourists) should stay out all day exploring the new reality?
what we take for granted and which is the only real wealth, of which all have, is time. our only asset whose possession and use in the best way makes the difference between individuals.
many things are put off trusting that you will always have plenty of time to our thoughts, using the future as a kind of fatuous ritual that justifies this, in fact wasting precious time.

it seems that the right time does not want to push yourself. it is taken from the daily incombanze, forgetting the true values, there lies in our existence, clinging obsessively to our domestic certainties.
Of course money is always needed to live but we must be careful not to make it an obsession or even worse, turn it into a God to extol and revere in the name of which every action is justified.
just remember that it is your time to live: you must save to try to live a dignified life by meeting the basic natural needs and you have to spend generously the time to create those vital values that allow fulfilling lives and a peaceful and constructive coexistence .



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