A camel keeps an eye on my town

Far away from show business there’s a small town before arriving to the Gran Sasso. This town is Pietracamela, that in English sounds like Camelstone. Why ever a camel in a small Italian montain town? Maybe it is a camel came in Italy with Hannibal and his elephants and then ran away from Alps to Appenins? No, nothing of that! It is simple because this stone that dominates this town looks like a camel! Jokes of Mother Nature! This stone has a shape that reminds in who is losing to observe that, the long face of camel and the few houses shaped its hump

.Whoever wants to loose in nature, has to come here, where everything seems to stop at middle age, where houses are made of stones and woods and where forest is at the doors of the town.pietracamela.jpg

At sunset time, the shades draw strange figures on he walls of housesand at the lanes in stone, it is possible to see the outline of the mountains.




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