looking at usual things for the first time

Have you ever look at something you well know but it seems to be new at your eyes?

It’s enough watching this usual thing and thinking about. Not only see but watch!

Last sunday I was on the beach, walking by the shore when a man caught my attention: he was staying so still, with his arms long on his hips and looking at the sun.  He communicated a real sense of peace and relax in that way, without doing anything, just let the sun kiss him, only sunbathing, without taking care of other people around him.

It’s so usual seeing people at the beach lying in the sun, nobody takes care of that but if you watched him and not only saw, you’d have noticed how he looked fullfilled, every single muscles told he was thankfull for that sunbathing. But why?

Why he should have that expression when it would be so banal? so trivial?

what story did he hide behind his sunglasses? Maybe he was kidnapped for long time in a dark cave without seeing sun light? Or was he blind and he gained the sight for a misterious miracle?Or again, did he enjoy a good news about his health or somebody’s one he cares for?

How many shades (not only 50!!) comes from a banal view!! You just need to learn to dig among deep senses.

Try to immagine some kind of story behind every one you meet, just observing his attitudes and behaviours.



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