travelling with(out) thinking

Yes, we know, travelling is really important these days…everybody think people should travel as much as they can for the following known reasons:

Have New and maybe unexpected Experiences that make you find yourself

Gain New Perspective

Learn About Different Cultures

Expanding Our Awareness

Being away makes you appreciate family and home

Yes, all is true but…and waht about who can’t travel?

There are many posts about travelling that show you how easy is doing that…no problem of money, nor job pains….everything is easy and ready but for most people ( me including) it isn’t really like that!

I love travelling, knowing new people, seeing new places but I love first of all the freedom you feel during the journey. It is important not reaching the goal, not arriving to the place but how you travel, the sensations you feel, the parfums you smell and how you see things.

In this way you could travel also in your hometown! How?

Changing the perspective and giving to your travel an inner sense!

How many places you take for granted? I think a lot… so let’s try to change our way to see and make a run in a new sensorial experience.

This blog would be a way to learn to appreciate things we have, in order to enjoy even better a foreign journey when we will be able to make it!

The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time. Wear tourist’s eyes to see your town, its familiar roads and corners…you figure out that they aren’t so familiar as you believed!

So Let’s learn to appreciate things we have thinking travel as:

  • Time To Think About Big Questions of Your Life: In our daily life we don’t really have time to think about things that matter and travelling gives you time to think about, to reflect, to wonder about the big questions of your life and the big questions of the universe.
  •  Discovering Your True Personality: Travelling can be great for self discovery, facing your fears and realizing your hidden potential. It can also help in revaluation of our priorities in life. In life we are either worried about our past or anxious about our future. We are never in the present. It helps you in appreciating the present moment for what it is. Travelling is the best way of breaking your routine.
  • Appreciate The Glory of Nature: It also helps us in appreciating nature in all it’s glory. The chirping sounds of the birds, the songs of the rivers, the howling of animals we might just miss it all if it was not for travel. You learn to appreciate aesthetic beauty because of travelling. While travelling you will come across several sights that will just blow your mind.




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