every thing talks to us

To wear new eyes, you need to learn how things talk to us. Yes!! every thing talk to us in a different way and instill inside you various feelings.

Not only those we consider artistic masterpieces give us something; just because they are famous, we are used to feel something when we find in front of them. But also a stone in our path could tell something… behind every thing we keep in touch, there’s a surprising world and a story.

Also our hometown comes from past and has a story to tell and some artistic pieces to show, that could talk about feelings, problems or just let us to travel or use our  immagination…Maybe on your home roads there are scultures, paintings or installations that you are used to see on your way to work and never have considered in a different way…all you have to do is watching carefully around you and learn to understand some basic rules.

Even a simple dot could have different meanings. Let’s talk about dots!

About writing, dot could be indicated a pause (.), a question (?) or an esclamation (!) or an explanation (:).

About nature: most things existing in nature are composed by dots; they could presented in a messy way like sand grains or in a tidy way like in corn cob. Or, again, they could remind us some storic shapes like star points in the sky.

In art world we find dots in every piece, some are obvious, some are more hidden but there are always. Think about Pollock’s artworks or Kandinskji’s, Liechtenstein or better Seraut with his pointillisme.

So, at work!!! Discover every dot you meet and feelings you feel!



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