and happy Carnival

The most wacky holiday of the year has its roots in an earlier period than the birth of Christianity. It was, in fact, celebrated in honor of the god Saturn, deities linked to the regeneration and technical dell’agricoltura. This is why the consideration of our Carnival celebrations were at the time called “Saturnalia”, during which … More and happy Carnival

Time goes quick. Does even freedom have a price?

  In this modern world where everything gets value only in relation to its cost, even personal experience get value only if based on money. This triggers a vicious circle that leads us to think in economic and financial terms, distorting the factual reality and the more monetize our experiences, the more we think that … More Time goes quick. Does even freedom have a price?

About our time

We are living in a such weird era, we are in touch with everyone, even if this one lives in the other part of the world, but actually we are far from our closest friend, we are alone and feel lonely. We reached every corner of this world but we are getting further and further … More About our time

Never give up

My region have had a very bad beginning of the year, among earthquakes that continuously shake my land, snowstorm,avalanche that destroyed a hotel, buried many people… other people got prisoner in their own houses because of the huge quantity of snow and without power… a very bad start for the 2017 but we are a … More Never give up